17.09.12 TWW Cardiff Launch, Marlborough Primary in Roath Brook
10 pupils, the headteacher, 2 teachers,1 TA and 1 parent governor came out today to help tidy up a beautiful patch of Roath Brook running through Roath Mill Park.

They were joined by the Environment Minister and some representitives from WG, staff from KWT, Brian & Steven from Parks Services, 3 experienced volunteers and Lucy Prisk from Cardiff Council.

The aim of today was to launch TWW, but also to celebrate and train Marlborough Primary School so that in time, they will be able to lead safely on events in this area to keep the brook clean of litter, to learn about the ecology of the site, to look at water quality, to control HImlayan balsam and to report sightings of Japanese knotweed to Cardiff Council.

Although a clean area compared to many other parts of Cardiff, the cans, bottles chip containers and sweet wrappers that were in the stream and on the banks stood out quite badly. We removed 8 bags of rubbish altogether and the difference was amazing. Cardiff Parks services stayed all morning and took the rubbish away afterwards.

Importantly the kids all loved and couldn't wait to help get back in again.
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