31.08.12 CFMEP Llandaff Cathedral Cemetery Project II
12 volunteers turned up today to start the real side to our Llandaff Cathedral Cemetery project with Bereavement Services and Cardiff Council's Conservation and Policy Group.

We split into 3 main groups:

1. The bridge spillovers. For the conservation and Policy team to investigate the bridge, they need to get access to all sides of the bridge, including underneath it. On one side the ground is inches below the arch, while on the other, there is a foot and a half gap. The plan here is to dig out the easier side (ha ha) so that we can more safely get to the underside of the bridge to clear it out of litter. Unfortunately, in the past people have been sleeping rough there and there may be broken glass and needles, so we need to dig quite deep so we can see what is going on. Spades, shovels, Chillington hoes and much rakes were used and a massive amount was removed, with us saving the larger stones and raking down the soil into the old leet. It was here that some of the vols found 2 Tip Top ice lolly wrappers saying 1p and 2d meaning one was about 40 years old and the other over 40 years old. The plastic was still in good condition indicating how bad a substance it is for the environment. We'll continue this work next week.

2. Balsam pulling.
Last week we cleared several large patches. However, there was one patch in a load of balsam that we couldn't get to last week, and we finished this off today. The brambles were cut back with long-handled hooks allowing other volunteers to pull up the balsam.

3. Rubbish collection
There was plenty of historic rubbish in the bushes that we found last week and we cleared up much more of it this week. Between the 3 of us we collected 7 bags of rubbish.

Altogether, we collected 12 bags of rubbish which will be taken away by Bereavement Services.

The volunteers were so good that after a quick briefing they were able to carry on with their own tasks within their groups to solve the puzzles which each presented.

We were thanked by a volunteer and the Rector of Llandaff Cathedral for our work last week (and I guess this week). To add insult to injury, a couple of vols were offered some lemonade, but didn't tell me.
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