10.08.12 Pulling balsam on the River Ely III
Back again for the third time with the Mill Road Group and Communities First (ACE) on the River Ely in scorching conditions.

The main aim it seems for me today was to measure the tallest HImalayan balsam plant. The record stood last time from Val at a couple of inches over 10 feet tall. However, the tallest after inumerable measurements was just over 9 feet tall. We continue to make massive strides here, but with still so much to do.

Around 15 people came along today and even though it was boiling, we all had great fun and were keen to come back again this coming week before it is too late and the risk of ripened seed pods spreading seeds further becomes too high. So back again this Thursday (16th August) at 2pm meet on the Ely side of Birdies lane.
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