15.05.12 Ysgol Glan Morfa Pond Grand Opening
From several days work over several months, the grand opening of the pond at Ysgol Glan Morfa had its official opening today with over 30 people in attendance. We got a £300 grant from Cardiff Council's Tidy Towns' Biodiversity pot to rebuild and repopulate the pond with native wetland, shallow and deep pond plants. These were picked especially for their biodiversity value to help attract insects and butterflies to the site. £70 was spent by South Splott Residents Association to pay for extra sand and cement for relaying and keeping the flagstones in place; this was done mainly over one weekend by one of the parent governors Steve. We have had help from local churchgroups with visiting Mormons from Utah who helped mainly with the physical work of removing the old silt and landscaping this by the side of the pond. The school children were involved from beginning to end, from measuring the pond so that I could buy the right size pond liner and underlay all the way through to organising the pond plants into their different preferences of depths. John Lewis Cardiff were involved in preparing and building a greenwood fence around the outside of the pond. Debbie Gray Chair of Governors for Ysgol Glan Morfa who organised all of the loval volunteers brought along two local brothers who made the greenwood gate as the final piece of the transformation. With early colonisers, the tadpoles, we are hoping the pond will be colonised reasonably soon and the children who have a massive stake in the project can see the greatness of their achievement.

Yesterday, I attended the Environment Matters? conference at the SWALEC stadium with all the movers and shakers in the environmental sector. If you ever want to see a great example of volunteers, business, schools and environmental bodies like Keep Wales Tidy working to deliver projects for very little cost but with massive benefits with so many stakeholders, then you may not look at a better example than this. The school and community groups could not have done this without our theoretical and practical expertese, while I could not, and would not, have done it without them pulling all the volunteers together in partnership and finally it would not have happened without this relatively tiny amount of money.

Finally, absolutely everyone involved was phenominally proud of what we had achieved here.

Engagement, pride, passion and knowledge.

We'd also like to thank the Parks Community Park Rangers who gave us permission to use wood for the greemwood fence that they had cut down earlier in the winter as part of their woodland management regimen in Tredelerch Parc.
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