29.03.12 Litter Championing in Cwmbran between Pets at home and Lidl
Chris Partridge, litter champion and Chair of Friends of Henlly Local Nature Reserve.

Took my car in to get brake pads changed this morning. Decided instead of sitting around, did a litterpick on a really messy area from Pets at Home along under the underpass towards Lidl. Spent about 1.5 hours and collected 4 bags of rubbish. Did the stream and bank which was absolutely awful and has been like that for at least the last 2 months (H&S?). Anyway it is tidy for now and lots of people made very kind comments. an old fella even helped me to carry my bags back along the path.

Also reported that the 3 litterbins were overflowing with rubbish. Picture evidence here. Litterpicked it all up.
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