06.03.12 St. Philip Evans Eco Club coppice a hazel stool in Chapel Wood
Last year we did several litter clean ups collecting tonnes of rubbish. We also performed some coppicing with mostly year 6 pupils from St. Philip Evans. Of those James and Sean were here today to help all the newbies with their extensive experience. With the lateness in the year and the ongoing works onsite we coppiced only one stool, but did a really good job of it. On top of this we also recorded the regeneration from last year's coppiced stools (data being analysed by the Eco club now!!).

after tool safety, woodland safety and general risk assessment work we worked in groups to coppice the hazel and other groups to process the wood to be taken off site. Sadly, one of last years stools had been set fire to, and this was near the old drinking area. This killed the entire tree stool which could have been over 70 years old.

We learnt about how the trees regenerate and that this was how hazel was managed, and still is, hundreds of years ago to produce a renewable source of wood or fuel. We were also very carefull around the bluebells which are very close to opening, so spring is on its way here.

The children, teacher and TA's all had a great time and learnt much more about this beautiful woodland on their doorstop.
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