28.02.12 Greenwood craft with Riverside Allotment Project
We started our first greenwood craft basics sessions today with Riverside Allotment Project. The idea is to give them the basics and then they can fly with it and hopefully will be able to deliver courses in things like greenwood craft themselves. Working alongside these guys now for so long and seeing what they can do, no doubt they'll be brilliant and I'll be in awe.

The aim for the first couple of sessions is to build a couple of shave horses which will allow them to continue with further projects more easily and rapidly. The whole chicken and the egg comes to mind as to make a shave horse, the best thing is a shave horse. Nevermind, at least I brought my 4 year old shave horse/mushroom log as a model. I also brought all my own tools as well as a load of logs from my volunteer work in Torfaen on Sunday to practice on.

One of the first things we did, which lasted all session involved Lewis and Sam splitting a 2 year old seasoned bit of sycamore for the base of a shave horse. So much for greenwood craft then. While this was going on Chris and Matt concentrated on making the brake for the horse which was great fun and we learnt that drilling perpendicular holes through wood isn't always very easy. However, it was still far easier than Lewis and I trying to drill though old sycamore. You could see there was a mixture of engineers and seriously talented woodworkers here and its going to be good.
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