30.03.12 CFMEP back behind Glyncoed Primary
CFMEP pulled out another massive haul of rubbish from behind Glyncoed Primary School on this fantastic spring morning. The 5 of us pulled out 25 bags of rubbish plus not far off an equivalent volume of other larger items including a bike, 2 scooters, a dvd player, a statue of a Hindu goddess and about 4 carpets.

This was from a stretch further along that which was done by CFMEP on Fri 24th Feb (23 bags plus 200kg) and BT volunteers on Tue 21st March (61 bags plus 1 tonne). It was noticeable that even though most of this area was spotless last Tuesday, there were sadly loads of littered bottles of pop, crisp packets and sweet wrappers along the footpaths. However, we quickly tidied that up and cracked on with the main aim of the day.

4 of the volunteers were landbased while I donned my waders and swepped away plastic bags, cans of beer and pop and loads of other wierd stuff.

Again the work we did today was another transformation and the woods are slowly being turned back to the beauty that they once were. We felt pretty good.
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