15.03.12 Ysgol Glan Morfa & South Splott Residents' Association Pond Part 2
Today we joined in with 4 young men from the Mormon Church in the USA visiting Cardiff, a supervisor from the local church, 4 vols from South Splott Residents' Association and about 20 children from the school who came along in teams of 4 or 5 to help lay down the membrane and pond liner.

Last time we cleared out most of the old sedimented sand and soil and were pleased that the dry weather made clearing the last of the old pond much easier than last time. We borrowed some brushes from the school and swept up the rest of the stuff.

The team then landscaped the old silt ready to be planted up on the next event. This was achieved by some inventive uses of gravity as a landscape tool.

The children were then employed in groups to unravel the underlay and lay it down without getting any stones back into the pond. We weighed down the underlay and repeated this with the whole pond liner.

The next part involved a tonne of sand which was generously donated to the school by local depot of Jewsons. This was added especially to the middle of the pond, but also under the edging stoneswhich will weigh down the liner and stop it from sliding down the hole.

Finally, we added some water to stop the pond from becoming a massive cat litter tray. Next event, the plants.

The liners and the plants were both purchased through Tidy Towns as a habitat project and we are grateful for their support and all tools were from Keep Wales Tidy.
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