Fenway Park Plaques
Over the past few years, the Red Sox have been adding bronze plaques to commemorate historic areas around Fenway Park. For the 2012 season, there are 100 plaques,displays, and historical markers around the ballpark, and I'm going to try to find as many as I can. The first few pictures in the set are scans of a map that shows the location of all 100 displays. (Update: I was able to find 96 - plus a couple of others that aren't on the official list. The rest are in areas like the press level that are off-limits to fans... but someday I'll take a tour and try to track down the rest.)
(Update 2: I will be updating this album every year as new plaques are added.)
(Update 3: As of 2015 I have found all of the original 100. Some are no longer on display or have moved, and other new ones have been added. I will continue to document these changes.)
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