• These score marks allow the copper jacket to split and peel back when the lead core expands upon impact.
  • These crimp marks show where the bottom end of the bullet sits in the cartridge. The area below or behind this line is filled with the propellant or secondary charge, which in turn is lit by the primer charge that is in the base of the cartridge.
  • Hollow point, hence hollow point rounds, jacketed in copper, hence jacketed hollow point, or JHP.
  • This distance is 0.45 inches (about 11mm), hence "45 caliber". The overall design of the cartridge follows that used in the Automatic Colt Pistol, hence "ACP" designation.
  • This rim is grabbed by a small "hook" inside the chamber to extract it from the breach when the slide recoils after the cartridge is fired. The spent cartridge is then ejected out of the top of the chamber. A strong spring returns the slide to its resting position and the cycle repeats.

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Experimenting with different techniques for lighting & composition of small, still-life arrangements. This slightly menacting composition shows the "business" end of the weapon (a SIG Sauer P220 45 ACP semiautomatic handgun) and four rounds - these are jacketed hollow-point rounds made by Federal. They feature a solid lead core that is jacketed in copper. Upon impact, the lead core expands and folds back on itself to increase the cross section and enhance the transfer of kinetic energy to the target.

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    I would hate to get hit by one of these or any other bullet for that matter. They look very wicked. Excellent photo of them though.

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    J.Mackaay - thanks - that's about how I feel. Getting hit by one of these things would probably ruin your whole day, and truthfully, I hope never to find out how it would feel to be on either end of the transaction.

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