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Photos of the annual Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2018, taken by members of the Killarney Camera Club.

The photos are organised into four collections of albums, one for the start, one for the finish line, one for the Podium and Entertainment Area and one for some photos we took along the route.

Each collection contains a number of albums based on the time the photo was taken.
So if you know that you passed the finish line at around 4:25pm then your photo should be in the 16:15-16:30 album in the Finish Line collection.

You should be able to download the photos if you like and also feel free to share them on social media.

Well done on completing the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2018, we hope you enjoy the photos.

Special thanks to the Killarney Camera Club photographers, Adrian Healy, Anthony Kelliher, Billy Horan, Denis Mannix, Eric Jenkinson, Ille Muule, John Keane, Keith Johnson, Maryann Heidtke, Noel ONeill, Seamus Long, Tadhg Kelliher and Tom Bradley for volunteering their time on the day. Thanks also to Terry MacSweeney for compiling all the photos and uploading them. #teameffort :-)