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Day 285: Sunny Side Up



Ive been tagged so heres a selfie for ya.


1. This is yesterdays picture, todays will be up tonight hopefully.

2. My room tends to get messy quickly, but I LOVE when its clean. It just becomes a huge project when i do clean it so i take forever to get to that point.

3. I do not like driving over bridges because I always imagine the scenario where it breaks, we fall in the water, and i cant get my seatbelt off.

4. On Thanksgiving I basically only eat the turkey, rolls, and some ice cream.

5.I miss my long hair more then you can imagine, despite the ease of short hair.

6. I want to be married before im 25.

7. Im supposed to be vaccuuming right now.

8. Im getting worse and worse with the cold every year. i wish it could snow and be all pretty without having to be so cold.

9. I want to change my eating and exercising habits.

10. I have never dyed my hair. Its naturally blonde (geting darker over the years) with gold and red highlights. When I was little it was platinum blonde. Maybe i will show you a picture sometime.


Sorry Ive been a bad contact lately. Im workin on it. If i tagged you feel free to do it because i like to learn about dont have to though. (except Drenay, since you tagged me lol)

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Taken on November 19, 2010