Sarah's Hat

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    Sarah's Bobble Hat

    Designed by Kayleen Clements
    November 2006

    Use various scraps of yarn and main color

    MC = White
    A = Purple
    B = Yellow
    C = Blue
    D = Orange
    E = Gray
    F = Green

    MB = Make bobble. Need help making bobbles? Go to and search for episode DKNG-109. Scroll down the page to the helpful video.

    With Size 8 needle, CO 56

    With MC, *K1, p1* for 6 rows
    Knit 2 rows

    1. K7, MB with A, K7 with MC, MB with B, K7 with MC, MB with C, etc. until end of round
    2. Knit 5 rows
    3. K3, MB with C, K7 with MC, MB with D, etc. until last 4, K4.
    4. Knit 5 rows

    Repeat 1-4 above until hat measures 5-1/2" from cast on row.


    1. *K6, K2tog*
    2. K1 round
    3. *K5, k2tog*
    4. K1 round
    5. *K4, k2tog*
    6. K1 round
    7. *K3, k2tog*
    8. K1 round
    9. *K2, k2tog*
    10. K1 round
    11. *K1, k2tog*
    12. *K2tog*

    Cut yarn and with needle, run through remaining stitches and tighten to secure. Weave in ends. Add pom pom using all colors in bobbles.

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