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42/365 - Never before has Rururu come across sushi that is this hard to eat

14th September 2009


Rururu loves sushi. Next to bananas they are his favorite kind of food. Whenever I bring sushi home I have to be extra careful because Rururu will steal pieces when I'm not looking, and before I know it, it'll be all gone.


Naturally Rururu was bounding with joy when I brought home what he thought was a box of sushi and laid it on the table. Within seconds he had whipped out his chopsticks and was ready to dig in...


Rururu (opening the box): Sushi... Sushi... Su--?!!

Rururu (bug eyed, staring at the eyes that looked back at him): *blink* *blink*

O-No Sushi (warily eyeing Rururu's chopsticks): *blink* *blink*

(both run away screaming...)

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Taken on September 14, 2009