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  • Thats his fishing net.
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Beginning to Dawn

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EXPLORED ON 27 APRIL 2009 - # 217

It was Sunday Morning. And Prabhakaran and I met as usual at 4.45 am and started to drive along East Coast Road. This time we decided to try a different spot for dawn to try and capture a different angle of light.

As we were driving, I was reflecting on why I was so happy taking these photographs each weekend. I have been a photographer for many years now, but never have I been more happier in doing so. Before I could not find an answer, our first destination arrived and I forgot about this issue.

The fishermen in India are very hard workers. They wake up very early in the morning and go out to fish in ther tiny catamarans, battling the seas. Often they return before dawn, so that they can start selling the goods immediately.

It was still dark when I found this man sitting on his boat. He had already brought back his catch and sent it to his wife who was sorting it out to sell it. I curiously asked him why he was sitting there looking into the horizon. He just smiled.

I changed my lens in my camera to a wide angle and composed the frame in this manner, only to realize that it was beginning to dawn. I stayed there and clicked a few shots. Here is one of my favorite.

The man then told me, "Now, do you I understand. I was waiting for the beginning of dawn. It is the most beautiful moment. For us fishermen, the sun is our friend."

Then it hit me. The reason I am enjoying my photography so much these days is not just because of photography as such. But it is because of the beginning of a new friendship with a guy who is as crazy as me as far as taking pictures goes. Thank you Prabhakaran, for being my friend.

Photographed with a Leica M8 Rangefinder Camera and Vögtlander Super Heliar 15mm F4.5 lens. Handheld. Color Balancing done using Aperture 2.1.3

The EXIF data won't reflect the lens information completely. This is mainly because being a third party produc, Vöigtlander lens do not have the 6 bit coding that is needed by the Leica M8 to read the lens info.

Photograph © Kausthub Desikachar

Please do not reproduce in any form without prior written consent from the copyright holder. Please contact the photographer through Flickrmail, to inquire about licensing arrangements.

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