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stare competition


Kedi fact no. 4: She can give you the most insolent stare. (I must admit in this pic, it's pretty mild). Ever since she was a little one, she sometimes looks at you as if she wants to dare you. My other cats Moppie and Pruttel don't have that same cheeky stare. But then they don't bite and claw either :-)


I first saw Kedi when on holiday in the smallish, not-so-very-touristy town of Dalyan, Turkey. We stayed at a lovely small appartment/house complex, that was built around a pool. The patio it formed was Kedi's home. A pretty good, safe place for a stray cat as all the tourists were charmed by her and gave her crisps (the locals would probably shoo her away). If another cat would venture onto her patio, even if twice her size, Kedi would dominantly attack the poor cat to protect her domain.

She was fed salami by the cleaner woman who also had her home there during the season (it took over 6 months before Kedi stopped farting). It wasn't hard to lure Kedi into our appartment - she loved getting cuddled. I asked one of our Turkish tour-guides what cat was in Turkish. "Kedi', he replied with a smile. It sounded lovely.

We really didn't want a third cat. Ha!


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Taken on February 27, 2009