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Undiscovered Skies

This is quite a Summer Solstice themed weekend in my stream... It was somewhat mystic day, on June 21, marked by the highly desired thunderstorm passion here for us... As winds were blowing and clouds were approaching from the west-north, turning Toronto-cityscapes into grey mode, I looked at the mysterious sky canvas through the camera for 20+ min and then turned this motion picture into a 90-sec time-lapse :-)


The final time-lapse video is another collaboration with my husband who helped me with all the video processing matters in "After Effects", so I could cast my texture magic on it (& add some secret elements :-), and also he helped with his great music! Thank you, Julian Ray! :-)


The music piece used here is "Terra Incognita" from Julian's album "Evolution". You may listen to the full composition in good quality at julianray.bandcamp.com/track/terra-incognita

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Taken on June 21, 2012