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Oriland Magic Star in Stereo Mode (Crossing method) | by Katrin Ray
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Oriland Magic Star in Stereo Mode (Crossing method)

It's been a while since I posted a stereo pair! for crossing method of viewing :-)

To see stereo here: look directly at the stereo pair, slightly de-focus and smoothly cross your eyes without any tension (your right eye sees the left image and vice versa) keep crossing very relaxingly and you will see 3 pics with the stable 3-D image in the middle... You also may move close or back off the screen to find the better position.... It is really fun and actually a good exercise for ocular muscles! :-)


We are working on our new eBook "ORILAND MAGIC STAR" presently here, drawing diagrams and folding many samples to work out every aspect of it etc.... So I did a stereo photo-session with these stars and wanted to share some stereo pairs with you :-)

This amazing action origami model was created by Yuri in far 90s and we just came around to publishing it... such things happen when you have the whole Oriland on your hands - we still have lots of our origami designs in line to be published :-)

The star can be rotated and while you do so the changing pattern of the folds and colours has mesmerizing effect :-) We do have a video of this Oriland Magic Star in action. Take a look if you'd like :-)


*If you cannot see in stereo... well then just enjoy the pics or see it in action in the video mode :-)

Just in case, here is a tutorial on how to see 3D photos


UPDATE: Our highly anticipated eBook "ORLAND MAGIC STAR" is released! :-)

You are welcome to see the full web-presentation of the "ORLAND MAGIC STAR" book with

more info, screenshots and video at

The book is in PDF format and available for purchase and instant download at Oriland Store.

The models are intermediate and complex level of folding and are a good challenge for the experienced folder and the expert alike. Happy folding!

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Taken on October 4, 2011