Eli, no!
THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has come to look at my little book and/or linked it. It is so appreciated I can't even express in words how much it has meant to me! I have had to take down the book in its entirety, but for good reason as there are things "in the works." Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, there are still some of the layouts available on our site in the works section:
and if you want you can join our mailing list and I'll try to keep you up to date on all things Eli!

Whether you're an interested publisher or someone who just wants to say "Hi!" please feel free to drop me a line at katie@eighthourday.com.

Oh - and keep the bad dog stories coming! I love 'em!

Eli, no! A children's book. The story of one trouble-making dog, and the one word that isn't far behind. ©2008 Katie Kirk.
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