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World Peace Cake

Also known as Strawberry Dream Cake. I have eaten a lot of cake over my 28 years, I have also baked a lot of cake, and I think that this might be my absolute favorite, ever. I love it so much that I will make the bold claim that it would bring about world peace if everyone were to eat a slice. The world would sit back in their individual chairs, sigh, and say, "oh yeah, what is it that was upsetting us? yeah no idea. This cake is awesome. The whipped cream-cream cheese frosting that is ever-so lightly sweetened is pretty much the best thing ever, and I love the juicy berries in the center, and don't those berries on the outside make for a nice presentation?"


Danielle spotted this cake on Lauren's beautiful stream, posted it to my Facebook wall, and then I drooled all over my keyboard, and said something along the lines of, "OMG WHEN DO WE MAKE THIS GAHAEHDHDHRDROOOOL." And so Danielle came over with a bundle of flowers, and we set to work making it, and photographing it, and a few other shenanigans, and then we ate it, and there were sighs and silence, and some confused looks of, "how can a cake be so wonderful?"


Seriously, it's good stuff, well worth the time. I was even going to attempt to rewrite the book of Genesis about it, but I'm not quite that clever.


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Taken on June 7, 2012