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3D Design Project- Film Canister

Finally! Some time to update. This is my FINALLY completed 3D Design "Enlargement" Project. Its taken almost 13 weeks to complete. For real...I will even make a complete list of all the materials I've used, as well as some other pictures so you can see everything on the blog. We had to bring in an object we liked and enlarge it 10x its normal size, hence why this looks like a giant would be using this roll of film. I'm thinking of sending this picture to Kodak...haha! Which is what my professor suggested. Let me know if you have any questions about it. It's so hard to explain! But I will try.



-Home Depot Paint bucket



-Pvc pipe



-Window Treatment


-Gold paint

-Black glossy spray paint

-Numerous stencils


-Wood glue

-Epoxy glue

-Wood putty

-a whole lot of blood and sweat


PS. this is the first time i've taken a self portrait since the end of my 365! it felt really awkward...but i definitely have more to come. lots of ideas brewing now that the semester is almost over. :]


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Taken on November 18, 2009