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drip, drip, drip. (342/365)

I've learned so much about water resources all over the world during my Oceanography class, and I feel terrible that in some places in the world water is literally yellow and brown. I'd say Americans are totally spoiled in the quality of water we have. I would be freaking out and throwing a fit if I had to drink any water that wasn't clear, but people in crazy places have to! So I'm incredibly thankful that my water is clean, and I think its important for all of us to conserve it, not only for ourselves, but for OTHER people all over the world.


It's all about self-sacrifice!


EDIT; i don't think i really got a chance to explain this series. oops. i'm just as reserved about using the words "going green" as some of you may be. i think people will say things in order to scare society into doing things or cause panic. (al gore. psh) BUT. I do believe that the earth isn't ours, and that it should be treated as a huge gift. We can't be ignorant and trash the place. Things have to be taken care of, just as we try and take care of our bodies to feed them. And whats funny is that most of the things we can do are SIMPLE. Lets face it though, we are all inherently lazy. So I just want to bring reminders, that the earth is amazing. And we should "play" nice.

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Taken on May 31, 2009