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although, i would much rather be alice.

i actually considered applying as alice at disneyland a while ago since im small to begin with. hehe! i printed out a kids cut-out crown and painted it :] i know this will be pretty controversial, but YES that is real fur. Its my grandma's urn scarf. I didnt even know what an urn was...so sad though. I had no other option in my mind: wear a royal looking fur scarf or....look boring. I personally don't like killing animals for fur, unless they are already dead. But who's to say that someone said that the animal was dead and really wasnt? So...its a tough subject.

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  1. Kate Pulley 114 months ago | reply

    fur was big back in the day. it's already dead, so why not give the animal use? wouldn't want it's death to be for nothing!

    you would make a good alice. your blond hair and everything :D

  2. Derek FM [deleted] 114 months ago | reply


    Your ideas are completely amazing.


  3. sophie pellegrini 114 months ago | reply

    oo this is fantastic

  4. sunshine doll 114 months ago | reply

    you're so amazing!

  5. Brandon Azzolina 114 months ago | reply

    you should be on the card

  6. Trust_in_Bob 114 months ago | reply

    very interesting. well done.

  7. Photomish Dan 114 months ago | reply

    yet again a cracking Idea! what overlay do you use?

  8. ::reflecting truth:: 114 months ago | reply

    sometimes i think i Live in the rabbit hole. =)

    i'm a total animal-lovin', tree-huggin', vegetarian hippie. but i don't find it offensive that your grandma has a fur scarf, it's just not my choice. to each his/her own. it looks great on you though.

  9. Mossling 114 months ago | reply

    I love this; it has that certain quality to it that marks it as exceptional. Well done!

  10. Stanley Leong 114 months ago | reply

    ya, i love this too!

  11. courtney jade 114 months ago | reply

    this is beautiful! it's always been a dream of mine to be a Disneyland princess too, seems like so much fun!

  12. karla_k 114 months ago | reply

    Queen Elizabeth on flickr.. ;) hehe

  13. gabrielle hennessey 114 months ago | reply

    You should make your own set of playing cards.

    I'm completely serious.

  14. Amanda Tersavich 114 months ago | reply

    i hate to be the rain on everyone's fur lovin parade, but most of the animals used for fur are born raised and killed for their fur, and not in the most respecting way. i'm not critizing your choice to wear it in the photo, just trying to spead the word for future buyers - buying it does supports the killing

    done ranting, cute picture (:

  15. peregrino27 - thanks for + 500.k views 114 months ago | reply

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  16. Lissa Eelectriqueen [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

    love the texture!!

  17. lexa.rae 114 months ago | reply

    i love your creativity

  18. theregressivemuse 114 months ago | reply

    i love the composition and treatment!

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