August 25 2014 - Imberbus 2014. (Katie's been shooting again!)
In 2009, a group of bus industry professionals achieved a long standing ambition to run a vintage bus service from Warminster to the abandoned village of Imber. It proved to be so popular that it has now become an annual event with most journeys continuing across the Plain to parts of Wiltshire rarely seen by public transport users – namely New Zealand Farm Camp and Brazen Bottom !

There are only a few days each year on which the road through Imber is open to the public, so this year the Imberbus service ran on Monday 25th August 2014 when there were 10 buses in use, venturing out beyond Imber, Brazen Bottom and New Zealand, to Market Lavington, Tilshead, The Bustard and (for the first time) Stoke Hill. Despite the weather, the day proved to be very successful with most buses carrying good loads including some hardy souls (and me!) who occupied the top deck of the open top buses.
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