New bombing reach into Israel from Lebanon

UPDATE, 7/22/06: See a version of this image updated to show the Israeli ground & sea attack currently in progress. See also the Associated Press: Israeli Forces Push Through Lebanon Border.



© 2006 by Kathryn Cramer. Click HERE for the big version.


See discussion of the Counterterrorism Blog: IDF enters Lebanon, a new buffer zone? by Bill Roggio.


For my discussion of how the graphic was created, see my comment at


  • Raiden256 9y

    About 230 Lebanese people have been killed since then - the majority of them were civilians, but the toll includes about 30 soldiers. The number of Hezbollah militants killed is not known.

    Twenty-five Israelis have died - 13 civilians and 12 members of the military.

    BBC News

    I like how Israel has refused to even a short reprieve in shelling so that the Australian government (and other governments) can evacuate their citizens. Sounds like a great way to build global public sentiment for your cause! I look forward to the inevitable peace, stability and good-will this course of action will bring to the region and the State of Israel.
  • nerd0 9y

    230 dead Lebanese people, 25 dead Israelis... Sounds like somebody doesn't know how to wage a real war.
  • Andrew Evans 9y

    i like the quote,
    'Evil prevails when good men fail to act'-

    What is needed now is for the UN to decide what action is needed to stop this crisis before it gets any worse.
  • jgpyke 9y

    Gee, that didn't take long for the Jew haters to show themselves, did it? Like the swallows returning to predictable.
  • Raiden256 9y

    Hmmm it also didn't take long for people to start name calling as soon as someone had a problem with the actions of the government/military of Israel.

    Why is it that as soon as anyone is even remotely critical of Israel they become a 'Jew hater'?

    I'm critical of the Australian government from time to time, does that mean that I hate myself now?
  • feral_patriot 9y

    How many people realize that the palestinians have never in history
    been able to govern themselves peacefully?
    How many people remember that back in like the 1950's or so Jordan kicked out the palestinians because they were nothing but trouble-makers?
    How many people fully realize the far reaching history of the middle-east and understand that there are those "6th graders" who grew up and wanted a better life for their people,and the other "6th graders" who never did grow up and have dragged the rest of the world along kicking and screaming through their ever-lasting temper-tantrums and act like us or you're not in our club mentality.
    AND,finally,how many people out there realize that Israel has both
    civilian and military populace;Hezbollah is made up solely of civilians. who consider themselves to be soldiers.Excuse me, but please remind me of the name of their country that they have occupied and governed peacefully for decades or more, where they trained their military personnel;I forget...I think
    I was in the bathroom then.
    OH! And one more thing: When Israel left Gaza and left all the greenhouses intact,all the hospitals,all the businesses intact so that the palestinians would have jobs,businesses,infrastructure;does anyone remember what the palestinians did?
    THEY STRIPPED EVEYTHING AND SOLD IT FOR they could whine to the world yet again and some more about how much they needed help because the big bad Israelis left them with nothing.
    Israel is playing cowboys and muslims(palestinians,etc) much the same way as we played cowboys and indians/british(even though that was before cowboys as we know them).Palestinians don't have what Israel has because they're barbarians,true to the word.Nobody wants trouble-makers in their neighborhood,anywhere in the world.Countries all over the middle-east have given the palestinians the boot throughout history,but they all expect Israel to house them,give up her own territory to them and stand by and die because of them;all the while hoping that Israel would just die off and/or just go away.
    Akin to having a sex offender in youre neghborhood and expecting some family with a bunch of little kids across town to take him in just to get him out of your neighborhood.
    So,yes,Israel is killing civilians;but so have all the other countries that ever took them in and then kicked them out.
  • Kathryn Cramer 9y

    Just blocked "Dafydd Lloyd" (aka "iheartxeni") for trolling. And no, Daffyd. I'm not insecure. But you, darlin', are a troll. Bye bye.
  • hazav 9y

    in response to James McKenzie: of course any civilian casualty is sad and horrible on BOTH sides...
    But Israel left Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005. Yet the terrorists of hamas and hezbollah are launching rockets on CIVILIANS from these territories on a daily basis. WHAT can Israel do to stop that??

    Israel is just exercising its fundamental right to defend itself against these agressions ...they make every effort to spare civilian lives but these couards are hiding among civilians and do not wear any military uniforms

    putting Israel and the Hezbollah on the same ground is highly suspicious or at best ridiculous
  • lxhamid 9y

    Raiden256, accusations of Israel by people such as James and yourself are so ridicules so much not supported by facts and by past events that it only make sense to think that behind them stands either an Ignorant an Arab or a Jew hater. Pick one.
  • Nagu Tron 9y

    Regarding my "hypocrisy," I did not mean to make a normative statement. I only meant to lay out how things actually are. Nations do not, in fact, respond to violence as individuals do. Their reactions are systematic and aggregate countless factors (strategy in the realm of the military, industrial, economic, political, cultural, etc.) People simply freak out and die or start shooting back or whatever emotional response it is one can dredge up in a oversimplified metaphor.

    If you want to understand global dynamics, you cannot think this way. You cannot hope that some short-term military action will permanently subdue a ideology, or that one nation can "clean up" another.

    There's a lot to know. The wishful thinkers above can start with asymmetric warfare:
  • Raiden256 9y

    Wow Ixhamid, I'm really not sure how to respond to that, apart from the fact that I'm not really sure what you're saying (you might want to look at your spelling and grammar)...

    I was merely pointing out that this is probably not the right course of action if Israel wants to build stability in the region. I mean, it's only been like 30-35 years since Israel was at war with almost all of it's neighbours (i.e. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon) going to war with one of them now surely isn't going to settle things down is it? If anything it's going to buoy anti-israeli sentiment in the region and around the world. I mean, France and Russia have already issued statements supporting Lebanon.

    Furthermore, thanks for proving my point, I was merely suggesting that maybe there was a better way to take out Hezbollah than reducing Lebanon to rubble, (Israel have done prisoner exchanges with terrorist groups in the past so that shouldn't be an issue - the real objective is taking out Hezbollah's rockets).

    I was merely trying to question the fact that if Israel thinks that it's wrong for their citizens to be targeted by Hezbollah's rockets (which it is - Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation that needs to be stopped) then why is it OK for Israel to target Lebanese civilians and infrastructure? I would think that that is a perfectly reasonable question, yet it gets me labelled either an ignorant, an Arab, or a Jew hater.

    P.S. And even though I'm not, what's wrong with being an Arab Ixhamid?

    *edit* fixed minor spelling errors - pointed out by Ixhamid.
  • lxhamid 9y

    "it's only been like 30-35 years since Israel was at war with almost all of it's neighbours"
    Wow Raiden you are so knowledgeable, but you forgot to mention that the Jews were also at war with the Germans 65 years ago.

    P.S You might want to use F7 (top row in the center) to check your spelling (second paragraph).
  • davidgendel 9y

    Raiden256 for someone who claims not to understand what people are saying you surely have a whole lot of shit to spit.
  • Raiden256 9y

    Yep, I sure do. If by "shit to spit" you mean pointing out that, "Hey, maybe bombing the crap out of each other isn't always the best course of action".

    P.S. Ixhamid, doesn't that mean that Israel should be shelling Germany? India nuking Britain? Native Americans/Australians/Canadians/New Zealanders shooting (or throwing rocks) at other Americans/Australians/Canadians/New Zealanders?
  • Thicks 9y

    The Smoking Monkey doesn't understand why people who suggest a course of action, other than violence, catch sh*t. Granted, Raiden may not have suggested a viable answer to the situation(if there is one) but just because he doesnt support the killing of innocents(on either side) doesnt make him a hater.

    Why cant we all just grow hair on our foreheads and smoke cigarettes?
  • F Maler 9y

    Has anyone mapped the Israeli attacks in a similar way? It would help provide some useful and balanced context.
  • Kathryn Cramer 9y

    This is asymentric warfar, so you can't exactly map the situation in the same way. That Israel could destroy most of Lebanon is no secret. But Hezbollah is not synonymous with Lebanon. And Hezbollah, not Lebanon, as such is Israel's antagonist in this particular war.

    However, I did annotate the map a couple days ago to show the anticipated Israeli ground and sea attacks. It is HERE. A close-up view is HERE.
  • jetaime2006 9y

    I think that israeli's target is lebanon itself and not hezbollah only. With hundreds of lebanese who died. Why don't they asked the help of lebanon to cease hezbollah and not targeting the whole country. What can the US government do with this? Are they behind this? Why do US can't stop Israel in which they are allies? Israeli will not won. I think Hezbollah will still be visible. In war all are losers!
  • Heather 9y

    Wow what a small country Israel is on this map! Poor little weak country surrounded by such a huge military power to the north. look at this map -
    It tells a different story.
  • Tony Carlos 6y

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Taken on July 18, 2006
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