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Oh Boy! Now AT&T Offers up Blogging!

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Times Square, the empty 1 Times Square Building. On the north side of 42nd street, between 7th Ave and Broadway.

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  1. anildash 113 months ago | reply

    where is that? omg my dream billboard.

  2. scriptingnews 113 months ago | reply

    I was going to ask the same question.

  3. bradlauster 113 months ago | reply

    There's an AT&T blogging billboard if you drive south on 101 from San Francisco too (same basic design as this one).

    I want to say it's near Milbrae, but I'm not certain.

  4. davidfg 113 months ago | reply

    Looks like southeast corner of 1 Times Square, aka the ball-drop building.

    I always worry about how much to tip the guy who delivers my blogging.

  5. Kathryn Yu 113 months ago | reply

    yup, it's the ball-drop building.

  6. thirteen 113 months ago | reply

    5 years ago I could not have predicted this possible future.

    I am gonna be so poor when I die. :)

  7. *Robert* 113 months ago | reply

    I couldn't find anything at att.com or anywhere else about "blogging delivered."

    Does anyone know what this is about?

  8. wmf 113 months ago | reply

    There's another one in Austin on Mo Pac south of Parmer. This definitely goes into the category of billboards I never thought I'd see.

  9. cinnachick 113 months ago | reply

    Does this mean that blogging has jumped the shark?

  10. Kathryn Yu 113 months ago | reply

    Apparently all this was put up very recently. In late December, they were still promising something new to come on 01.01.06, if I recall correctly. Then all of the billboards were changed for New Year's Eve. Here's a short piece on the rest of the ad campaign:

    Your World. Delivered.

  11. *Robert* 113 months ago | reply

    "Does this mean that blogging has jumped the shark?"

    I doubt it. Blogging won't jump the shark until we have an even better way to converse with each other. I think this is just a sign of corporations trying to cash in on blogging and doubt it will really work. Corporations could cash in on TV since only the people who ran the networks had to buy in. To cash in on blogging will take getting bloggers to buy in and how do you do that? Part of the fun is that bloggers are so diverse in their opinions and methods, but it's hard to set far-reaching standards unless it's thought up and suggested by a blogger.

    Anyway, off the soap box. I'm still interested to see what they have in mind.

    And it's a good picture, too!

  12. davidfg 113 months ago | reply

    This inspired me to take this.

  13. jenchung 113 months ago | reply

    Finally, my AT&T-employed mom will understand what I do sometimes!

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