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GM Renaissance Center & downtown Detroit Astro, Corktown, Detroit vacant, Detroit Astro Coffee, Detroit bike frame, Detroit four of the most beautiful words in the English language... Milner Hotel, Detroit ghost sign, Detroit fire escape, Detroit Farwell Building, Detroit Woodward Ave., Detroit Detroit Amtrak station, Wed. morning mural near the train station, Detroit Richard Cohn Memorial Building, Detroit Richard Cohn Memorial Building, Detroit street art, Detroit factory, Hamtramck, MI bakery, Hamtramck, MI Detroit People Mover station Renaissance Center, Detroit

A city I've now visited many times, not just for abandoned buildings. Many more photos left to post

(Long story is about my first visit in years, in 2008)
After being obsessed with this city for months, I had to finally do something about seeing it (my last trip was for a concert, in 1995, I think). So I impulsively booked a Greyhound trip, leaving Chicago at midnight, getting in at 6:00 a.m., and taking a bus back after midnight. So, 18 hours in the city by myself (though I did run into some other people I knew of from online around 7:30 p.m.).

I visited two ballparks (and went to a game at the one still in use), Michigan's largest used bookstore, a branch library, two Coney Dog restaurants, an ice cream shop, a dive bar, and the elevated train (People Mover), as well as photographing many abandoned buildings and nice old and new in-use buildings.

My second trip a few weeks later was cool except for the horrible sprained ankle I got in a dumb accident...

The abandoned building exploration shots also have their own sets, and so do the two ballparks, Tiger Stadium (now mostly demolished) and Comerica Park.

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repowers says:

Damn, that is one hard core trip! Detroit is fantastic. I've made two trips there in the last couple of years and feel like I've only scratched the surface.
Posted 112 months ago. ( permalink )

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randolphp55 says:

This is just a great set of photos. As a Detroiter (now living in a town around 40 miles west), it was wonderful to see so many places I know (like my old high school) and sad to see so many places that have fallen into such serious disrepair. I particularly liked the series of factory images (I got to your collection via a Google search for the Packard factory) and the turreted houses. But all the shots are interesting, and a lot are just beautiful. Thanks for posting them.
Posted 105 months ago. ( permalink )

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katherine of chicago says:

Thanks, repowers and randolph. Randolph, you commented the same day I was hoping to be in Detroit for yet another trip...looks like I'll have a wait a bit. Glad you appreciate these! I admit I was attracted to Detroit to photograph abandoned buildings, but I've found much more there I like, and I've tried to show many sides of the city.
Posted 105 months ago. ( permalink )

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seewhy says:

awesome set! i've never been there but find the place fascinating as well.
here's a good web site about detroit:
Posted 100 months ago. ( permalink )

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kaylee kay. says:

If I could favorite this entire set, I would.
It's nice to see a non-native so enthralled by the city. I really enjoyed your photos. And even though I'm way too young to remember how Detroit used to be, it's still hard not to love it.
I hope you're able to make it back soon :)
Posted 90 months ago. ( permalink )

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DetroitDerek Photography ( ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ) says:

Nice collection of shots!
Posted 77 months ago. ( permalink )

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