this is Chicago
I've been to virtually every Chicago neighborhood and this set will eventually prove it. This is the big random Chicago set: architecture, cemeteries, the CTA, gentrification, parks, signs, etc.

Closed businesses and burned/demolished buildings are in "Lost Chicagoland,"; threatened buildings are in "1000 Buildings..."; the Pullman neighborhood and Illinois Medical District are in their own sets for some reason. And most shots from events (games at Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field, United Center; concerts; Critical Mass bike rides) are in other sets.

I haven't figured out how to divide this into smaller sets yet (maybe by year?) so it's kind of unwieldy. You can always search by tags...I've also made a lot of other sets of favorite things to photograph (CTA, Metra, neon signs) although those sets aren't exclusively Chicago; everything in this set is technically without the Chicago city limits.
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