gyrl's best friend
mostly cats, but other animals may show up (like my sister's dog). featuring my own cats of course :-)

zasu: (june 20/98 - nov 26/12)
black shorthair female 14 y/o - named after silent screen actress ZaSu Pitts. pronounced Say-zoo. we found her in the back alley when she was 8 weeks old.

orange & white shorthair male 6 y/o - named after Fionn Mac Cumhail the legendary warrior poet. he in no way lives up to this name :-D giant and manly looking, but afraid of his own shadow. loves the other cats immensely.

dorrin bonk:
female shorthair calico 5 y/o - "dorrin" because it means "daughter of finn" in gaelic, "bonk" because she runs too fast in the house, often sliding headlong into walls and furniture..
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