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when everything you have goes away

you realize that nothing means a thing


everything you thought was a big deal

now you see it all and what is real


and you're still alright

[adam merrin]


Cliché sunset pictures everywherrre.


Except you should look at the first 3 in comments because a. they’re kinda amusing b. they’re non cliché and c. Emily has a tattoo of the seattle skyline on her wrist that you can kinda see and it’s AWESOME.


Gahhh college planning is funnn. But I get like obsessive about planning exciting things like this. Like I’m literally creating word docs of lists of things I want to do/learn within my college career. (Like non alcoholic things, if that's what you're thinking. Like 'intern at NRP’ kinds of things.) And there are SO many awesome classes I want to take. I've had moments where I'm like 'whyyyy don't I just go to art school and then ride outside of art school and call it good?' But there are seriously so many fascinating philosophy and history and musical and random 'liberal arts' classes that I want to take that for right now, I think I am on the right route.... we'll see I guess :]


oh, and I'll keep the print giveaway dealio open until next monday, because I don't think I'll have time this weekend to deal with it and I want to leave it open past wednesday, which would be the alternative (long story). so be sure to enter that if you want to....


PS- :'( for all you film fanatics.


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Taken on July 26, 2010