Reading Frenzy Show!
Opening TONIGHT: July 2nd: 6-9!

This show is going to be super fun in that I am asking people to bring in their favorite (smallish) object and/or something they purchased today and/or a receipt from their wallet and I will draw it tonight for free! I promise to draw until my hand cramps and there is a smile on every face!

All of my daily drawings will be on display for rummaging along with 41 issues of my monthly Daily Drawing Zine: What Did You Buy Today (February 2006-June 2009 - Multiple Copies of each!)

I also made up three special edition zines and several new drawings (with color) that will be hanging on the wall (in frames OMG). Be sure to look up for the HUGE paper chain hanging from the ceiling featuring Obsessive Consumption Money (see photo of dollar bill print).

Today I am heading in to work on a window display and to sign all of the zines and drawings!

I had an AMAZING crew of Portland State kids helping me yesterday - seriously, I can't believe the support that they gave and all of the awesome work that they did!

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