GF: Molasses Bread!

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    Homemade GF Molasses Bread! Wahoo! Success!
    Find the recipe here.

    1. Erin Smith 78 92 months ago | reply

      Wow, that bread looks so nice and appetizing. How was the texture? Was it dry?

      As seen in Gluten-Free Goodness

    2. Kate Chan 92 months ago | reply

      Actually, the texture is not bad! LOL

      The bread is dense - like those little "party rye" loaves you can get in the deli for broiler appetizer sandwiches. (Do you know which I mean?)

      I've been enjoying it toasted for breakfast these last couple days.

      It fulfilled my need.

      Now I just need to figure out a fluffy honey-oatmeal bread (with GF oats, of course!)

    3. orangelica 92 months ago | reply

      ok - I found your recipe :) lol - so you have tried the GF oats and had success, I hope? My son has celiac and I haven't pushed it yet... but he loved oats and I'd be so happy if he could eat them...

    4. Kate Chan 92 months ago | reply

      I think the oats decision is quite a personal one. I'm fairly comfortable using them upon occasion because of some reading that I have done about oats in general. I also have seriously painful side effects when I do run into to cross contamination issues etc, and I have not experienced any negative effects from eating oats. That being said, I don't eat them very often... but they are a happy reminder of oatmeal cookies from my youth. =)

      Depending upon which country you live, oats are either considered safe, not safe or "undecided".

      Oats themselves do not present any issues (as far as I know) for someone with Celiac.

      The concern is about the processing and growth of the oats in proximity to wheat, etc that create contamination issues.

      Hope this helps!

    5. orangelica 92 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Kate! I'm glad to hear you've not had negative side-effects from eating oats. We're in the US. I do know of some GF oats that I can order, in which they assure contamination not to be a problem -- now he's almost 4 so can tell me more about how he feels, etc. and I'll probably try them. Thanks again!!

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