Portrait of a father

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    We assumed this was a female monkey for the longest time because of the interaction with the baby monkey. It wasn't until he turned around that my husband noticed it was most definitely a male. Perhaps it's just us being uninformed on the family habits of primates, but we were surprised to see a father monkey take such tender care of his offspring. We have since read up on them and found that male Barbary macaques bond with their offspring shortly after birth.

    When we first drove up, he was nestling the baby in his arms; I didn't even notice there was a baby there. After the baby was up, he'd swing him up onto his back and they walked around; sometimes the baby would swing down and ride around attached to his tummy, too!

    It was very sweet to watch the interaction with father and child.

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      How cute is that, very nice capture

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      Exellent shot!

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      Cute and lovely

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      Beautiful photograph, love everything about it!

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      This is a beautiful photo - and such a touching story - so wonderful to know and to have witnessed - lovely!!

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      This is an adorable picture! Congrats

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      Found you in Interestingness
      Beautiful pair.

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      This is a beautiful image.
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      What an amazing photograph....truly touching with their expressions. Definetely a fave

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      What an excellent capture ! Very sweet.

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      Wow, this is perfect!

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      Great shot!

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      Thanks a lot!

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