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rest your tired wings. | by karrah.kobus
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rest your tired wings.

im pretty sure that instead of getting better at bringing my ideas to life, im getting worse... its hard to tell, because my ideas themselves, i think, are getting a lot better and a lot more detailed... however i find myself over the past few months feeling scared to shoot my personal work, and really doubting that i can create anything, which is the absolute last thing i want to feel. i havent hardly been shooting personally at all (since march ive only made 3 photos that havent in some way been commissioned), and ive realized its REALLY taking its toll on me - photographically, but also emotionally. creating imagery through my camera is my rock in life and ive been smacked in the face and really reminded of the girl i was before i had that rock, and that girl is the last person i want to be again.


ive decided its time to rest my wings and focus on the important things again. i feel like i go through this same conversation in my head about once every three months, but i never actually do anything about it and each time the feelings get worse. life lessons can be a pain in the butt, but ive finally made a pact with myself to stop booking new paid work after september so i have time to actually try to be the photographer i want to be.


oh yea, also my pro account expired, so apologies for my old stuff disappearing. ill probably scrap together some change and renew soon.


power line stock. ahhh i wish i could have used this better...


- on an added note, i want to say thanks to everyone for all the super nice and encouraging comments, but also wanted to let everyone know that by no means am i stopping or falling any bit out of love with photography! its just a matter of practice, and ever since i began photography ive never spent this little time on my own work! so i feel like that lack of time is holding me back from growing at the same rate and obviously is resulting in less work which i dont like! and i actually think this piece is successful, otherwise i wouldnt have uploaded it... i think its just farther away from what i intended than my earlier stuff, which is a setback! :P -


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Taken on July 26, 2012