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small steps.

firstly, meet madison!! shes obviously quite stunning (with the most amazingly long gorgeous hair in the whole world), but shes also a stunning photographer! i recommend clicking the link and finding out for yourself. ;)


i wanted to keep this a bit vague and very much so open to interpretation and relation amongst you guys - though my personal thoughts behind this image are about conquering new things, your goals/fears/etc, but how a lot of times that journey is very individualistic. theres nothing really wrong with having those moments and feelings for yourself - it just reminds me how no one, no matter how much i love them or how much time we spend together, will ever truly know me. each person in my life sees sides of me. some see more than one. but, to me at least, in the end i feel like im out there conquering the world on my own. and thats saying a lot for someone as madly in love with love as me. :P maybe im just a true introvert. either way its all quite bittersweet.


on another note, after a string of failed shoots ive been feeling kinda low. but i think today turned out to be exactly what i needed. and ive been dyyyyyying for a b+w conceptual for months - finally got it, and overall im signing out today with a happy face. :)


look forward to some separate portraits of madison on facebook.


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p.s. I LEFT THE FLAG SHADOW OUT ON PURPOSE. it was intended to serve as a small symbol between what this place is now, and how this character has conquered it, vs what it was before. i realize this is being very misunderstood, but i repeat, i had reasons behind it. :P

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Taken on April 6, 2012