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never learned to skip a stone.

the other day i was talking with someone about how doing things the technical way isnt always best. when it comes to photography, i think i do a lot of things "wrong" but whats important is having something beautiful and meaningful to look at in the end - and at least to me, the best part about skipping a stone is just watching the water droplets dance. some aspects to having proper technique can be great, but a lot of times i just prefer to do things my own way. why add such pressure?


anyway sophia and i went out to snap this today, and im so happy a streak of inspiration led me to quickly turn off the highway and use this spot. i was on the lookout for a cement bridge, which is how this image looked in my head, but as soon as i spotted this, i knew it would be perfect. we had some hurdles to jump through the process, and got rained on (which was giving my old rickety 50 a tough time in the focusing department), but it was tons of fun and i think im happy with the outcome. regardless im still super pumped about these green pants i got thrifting yesterday. :P


oh and p.s, i really cant skip a stone.


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Taken on April 13, 2012