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love + logic.

i made this for my very talented friend vashti's new album. its called love + logic, hence the title of this image!


i think this fits her music well (its very soft and whimsical sounding), and i think it shows the idea of having to pick between love and logic clearly (typically i try to show things in a deeper way, but i think for an album cover its helpful to be more upfront!). though im not tooooo excited since the image itself isnt the most unique - i mean, how many photos are out there of someone stepping off a cliff? ive also used a composition so similar to this a few other times. :P the full image i had in mind for this was basically impossible for me to create at this point in time, given the fact that it was fully dependent upon location (even this is completely built in photoshop, i took it in my backyard... in a plain ol' field!), which is always a bit of a bummer. however i was very happy to get a chance to use this beautiful vintage wedding gown that i bought over a year ago!


if youre interested in seeing more from this shoot, or if youre interested in finding out more about vashti's album release, head on over to facebook.


p.s. i miss you flickr!! i have SO many new ideas for personal work, but ive been on client stuff like crazy. ive got one more wedding and one more family shoot in the next week, and then after that ill catch up on editing, and i should be back to flickr quite a bit before it snows (hopefully...)!

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Taken on November 8, 2011