diamond in the rough.

"my head feels like a kiwi that is being shaved." says kristi.


ill write more about this later, but im about to go get covered in paint with my friends and make a video!


so, the paint party was really awesome. my and like 8 other people just went out to this field by my house and threw like 5345374582759832 gallons of paint at eachother. it was super fun, and we were super covered in paint.


this picture of kristi kind of just popped into my head the other day. and it turned out EXACTLY like how i had envisioned. coolest part is that this was the second photo i took of her, and i just knew it was the one. me and kristi have such good chemistry, and im so thankful to have her.


i dont know if i will keep that title, it doesnt seem right... but i cant think of what else to call it.


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Taken on August 15, 2011