3d pan white

these clouds above me.

inspired by the thousands of images/poems/life stories dedicated to the rain clouds over our heads.


today anastasia hired me for a little conceptual shoot. i love that people are starting to hire me for my ideas and not just boring portraits (although those can be fun too, i like it more when i get to be creative). anyway, i decided to put her to use for my first series that contains more than one image, yay!!!! and if you couldnt guess, the series will be using rose petals.


ive been thinking a lot lately about how ive definitely had my fair share of rough times - my fair share or thunder clouds following me around. i went through a period of depression when i was younger, but if i have learned anything, its to have a positive outlook. my life is basically the same as it always was, but i am honestly happy.


thats what these rose petals mean to me. life through rose tinted shades, you know? im not ignorant, and im not naive, but i can be happy when perhaps the times around me are not.


ill be posting more of anastasia on my blog. she is truly beautiful.


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Taken on December 17, 2010