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after hours.



i feel like this is too soon in my 365 to have used this wig again...


my little brother found this blue jay feather outside and it needed to be used. hes so adorable i can hardly even believe it. im thinking of posting a photo of him in the comments just cause i wuv him. ;)


also this began as something completely different, and then that something didnt really turn into anything worthwhile so now im not really sure this even makes sense, but thats alright!


annnnd a couple thank yous are in order:


i never properly thanked rikkims for the amazing testimonial. she has a lovely stream so go give it a visit now!


another thanks to alex stoddard basically just for being the best 365 soulmate ever! and anyone who does not follow alexs work should do so now because he is an incredible inspiration.


go go go!


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Taken on August 29, 2010