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the connection. | by karrah.kobus
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the connection.



+++ & black to the rescue.


im not happy with the way this turned out... but i was so busy all day. i was taking photos of a 15 month old... eeeep i havent worked with children (besides my little brother who loves getting his photo taken) for so long. i felt a little out of my element but it was good. once i finish editing those ill share a couple with you guys. so after spending all day doing that i set off to get my 365 shot. its days like this i wish this project didnt exist... after spending the whole day taking photos i never have the energy to take a good 365 shot.


anyway, i was tagged a few days back so here we go:


1) it was so bloody hot today, i am a sweaty mess.

2) i dont like fruit (except green apples with caramel). but i do love juice, and not the sugary kind.

3) i have been a vegetarian for 3 years.

4) i really want to cut my hair, but i know i will be mad at myself if i do.

5) i sleep better when i listen to music. perferrably juana molina.

6) i love clothes so much that i have to match my bra and underwear to my outfit on a daily basis.

7) i never get rid of anything. seriously, i am the worst pack rat. comes in handy though when im wanting props for photos.

8) someday i will name my daughter mariella. other names i love are luci, penelope, jack, jude, and london.

9) my favorite place to be is underwater.

10) i should have checked the ground before i took this picture because when i landed from that little hop i poked a small hole in my foot. there was a very pointy branch right below me.


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Taken on May 24, 2010