The Bronze Fonz

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    For those who are too young to remember Happy Days, here's the history of the

    I took my wife to see Phantom of the Opera (nose bleed, top row), and we met her parents for dinner afterward at John Hawkes Pub. I remembered that the Bronze Fonz was on the River Walk, so I made everybody walk until we found him. Pure awesome. He's shorter than we expected, though.

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    1. Grant O'Shea 69 months ago | reply

      No Pac, awesome fonzness.... fantastically great picture. This should make explore!

      NO PAC (I had to say it again)

    2. Grant O'Shea 69 months ago | reply

      you know me too well. I had maybe 7 too many beers tonight.

      f*** i'm smashed... which means its time for a few more beers :D!!!

    3. Walter Ezell 69 months ago | reply

      Check your white balance. His teeth look kind of yellow.


    4. Grant O'Shea 69 months ago | reply

      Well I have a 1L bottle of glennmorangie single malt scotch, but I think that it would push me way over the edge... a couple more beers would be better.
      You forgot to criticize John's masterful use of the rule of halves :P ;)

    5. captain.magnificent 69 months ago | reply

      You know how old he is by now? His teeth can be as yellow as they like.
      Drunks. Carry on.
      I don't use the rule of halves. I use the rule of centered.

    6. d_v_b 69 months ago | reply

      Where's the shark? Aaaaayyy!!!

      Not Potsie And Cunningham

    7. lorac's 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called image, Music, Text in Action, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      he may have humped the dolphin .

    8. Dave-a-roni (Dark Spot Photography) 69 months ago | reply

      Very creepy... hey, didn't Han Solo have the same thing happen to him?? Someone should do something about that

    9. Jorᴊuɳ 69 months ago | reply

      Bronze tarnishes, I think. Henry will have to be rubbed regularly.


    10. shimmer2 69 months ago | reply

      I like how you've rendered the rain in this photo.

      PAC?..or NOTPAC?

    11. alisonhulot 69 months ago | reply

      Great idea to practise your portraits on someone who won't get impatient as you try to choose the right camera settings. Next time, try to encourage your model to adopt a more naturalistic pose.

    12. .Jen likes to snap pics* 69 months ago | reply

      ha ha! A bronze Fonz! I had no idea.

    13. SomeDriftwood 69 months ago | reply

      I'd've thought he'd be made of wood.


    14. valerie jean. 69 months ago | reply

      so did you like the opera?
      i saw it in las vegas last november :] it was wonderful!

    15. valerie jean. 69 months ago | reply

      btw i know all about the fonz ^_^

    16. captain.magnificent 69 months ago | reply

      Phantom was pretty awesome. Great singing, great costumes, fantastic sets. Don't know how it fairs against the Vegas one, but locally it's gotten good reviews.

      And what makes you think I posted the Fonz info for you? I'm sure you're all up on Laverne and Shirley's Milwaukee connections, too.

    17. captain.magnificent 69 months ago | reply

      Explore! Yay! I thought Grant jinxed it for a second.

    18. shimmer2 69 months ago | reply

      Must be the commentsthat propelled it donkeywards LOL


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