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    Found on a wall in Malmö, Sweden.

    This photo has been used by others:
    Somehere on and
    somehwere on (can't find exact locations now)
    Danish Newspaper:

    Björn Söderqvist, T3G, nicomic, and 35 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. juliacsmith ages ago | reply

      Hi, Since we used this photo on the blog back in October, we would love to have you add it to our brand new group called Idealist Photographers.

    2. jonsson ages ago | reply

      Done! Glad you liked it. :)

    3. T3G ages ago | reply

      Fantastic photograph! :)

    4. pejot_pl ages ago | reply

      thanks for CC, we will use this photo at

    5. bwlzweinull 120 months ago | reply

      Great Photo and thanks for CC, I will use it for a blogpost about YouTube on my blog at

    6. jonsson 115 months ago | reply

      LOL, it's a good thing I'm not trigger happy, I could sue them (numerama) ;-)

      Strange that they haven't bothered to find out what the CC license means. I mean, they even use it themselves for their site!

      Btw, I just took the photo. The original artist deserves credit for actually painting this on a wall in the first place. I have no idea who that is, though. I just walked past it one day and took a picture.

    7. onlineiq 113 months ago | reply

      I have used it on my blog, thank you to photographer and original artist

    8. G_V_T 105 months ago | reply

      Great photo! We've used it under creative commons on Central Station. Have a browse here:


    9. luis_kasi 101 months ago | reply

      Hi! This is a great photo! We, at the Museum für Kommunikation in Nürnberg, would like to use it on our web page to help to promote our new exhibition about communication! Would that be ok with you? Here you can watch the teaser:

    10. jonsson 101 months ago | reply

      That's fine with me. :) But please note that although I did take the picture, I cannot speak for the person or persons who did the actual painting.

    11. James*C 100 months ago | reply

      I used this photo on my blog! Thanks for your interesting photo and thank the painter of this image!

    12. ee_kikit 99 months ago | reply

      Hello There, nice pic . Can I use it for our site?

      THank you in advance mr. photographer and mr. painter.

    13. jonsson 99 months ago | reply

      @ee_kikit, I have no objections :)

    14. webweisend media company 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this photo via CreativeCommons! It was just perfect for our media company blog -

    15. idigitalk 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks for this image with CC. I will be using this image in my blog iDigiTalk related to Youtube Post and I will be providing a link to your profile mentioning the source of the image.

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