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This stunning artifact from the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 sailed from Norway to Chicago for display at the fair.

The ship is a hand-built replica of an 8th Century Viking vessel and was donated by the Norwegian government at the exposition’s end.

The ship has since been dry docked at several locations - first at the Jackson Park lagoon in Chicago and then for seven decades in the Lincoln Park Zoo. A botched 1994 restoration effort resulted in the ship’s landing in Good Templar Park in Geneva, Illinois.

In 2007 Landmarks Illinois named it one of the Ten Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois. In 2007 the Viking Ship won a $52,000 grant through the PARTNERS IN PRESERVATION program, sponsored by American Express/National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Friends of the Viking Ship is actively pursuing preservation and stabilization of the Viking Ship. More information about the ship may be found at:

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