The Branch

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Dawn at Loch Lomond.

3exp HDR plus a texture (courtesy of Skeletal Mess a.k.a. Ghostbones) to give it a bit of character.

I would have liked to explore this area a bit more but unfortunately some fine upstanding examples of the flower of Scottish youth decided to take a break from impressing everyone within a 5-mile radius with the extent of their linguistic skills, throwing each other off the pier and strewing this area of outstanding scenic beauty with litter and empty Buckie bottles, to offer me some help. After a whiff of their breath, during which I barely managed to stay sober myself, I politely (well .. sort of) declined their offer and left for pastures new.

Being a deep philosophical thinker of no little repute, I have spent some time formulating an effective cure for this sort of problem but, since it revolves around the adoption, by western democracies, of mass execution as a social policy, its implemetation seems unlikely in the foreseeable future .. unless, of course, I am invited to rule the world.

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  1. harryja 46 months ago | reply

    A Perfect Photo!
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  2. Roberto Fraile 46 months ago | reply

    Una gran fotografia!


    He visto esta bonita captura en: "LOST con T- PERDIDOS"
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  3. Dana Bagby 45 months ago | reply

    No matter how much I see, nor how much time passes, I always come back to this. My all-time favorite.

  4. Syber76600 [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot !
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  5. Caz 71♥(On & Off) 38 months ago | reply

    Hi, im an Admin for `Howards Gallery` and would be very honoured if you would consider posting your stunning photo into the Gallery.
    This Gallery is so different than anything flickr has done before, as it is an easy place to belong to and participate, yet you have to have exemplary work to be invited here, and it is my opinion that this wonderful piece here belongs with us ……. I hope you will post this picture of yours with pride into the Gallery..…and we look forward to seeing more of your talent in the future......Kind regards..Caz (A)

  6. i♥pix 37 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous work!!

  7. Justabird2 (more off then on :) 37 months ago | reply

    Nice composing. Love how the branch frames the water. Very good eye!! Well seen and captured! angie from FL

    "Your image is very welcomed in HG. It is quality work that reflects your skill and talent in photography and art. I thank you very much for adding to the spirit of Howard's Gallery as you have made it even richer with your presence. Can't wait to see more of your work! Lead Moderator Angie, from FL

  8. Debbie Prediger Photography 37 months ago | reply

    wow love it. the light is amazing

  9. stan hope Off and on. 37 months ago | reply

    Stunning image my friend. Wonderful composition, detail and perfect light.

    Phenomenal shot that deserves to be shown as your skill is so apparent .Thank you for making Howards Gallery richer with your photo as you have made this Gallery truly special with its presence…………Stan

  10. skagitrenee 37 months ago | reply

    It is a pleasure to award your special and talented pictured. You have made Howard's Gallery richer with its presence, skagitrenee (moderator)

  11. Felice Vannucci Sutri 37 months ago | reply

    Molto Molto BELLA !!!

  12. wilderness guy!. 33 months ago | reply


  13. Gordon Calder 31 months ago | reply

    Lovely shot - I remember this tree from my youth. I lived in the Vale of Leven - not far away, and miss the lochs and mountains now that I live near London.

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