Postage Stamp Collection
For some time I've been meaning to get my mom's postage stamp collection in order (plus some I've been adding along the way). Over the next year (or two) I'm going to attempt to scan all the stamps and share on flickr.

My mom grew up in Netanya, Israel and collected many of these stamps while she was young. (some I really don't know how she ended up with)**

If anyone has any additional info on any of the stamps posted, please share with a comment. (I'm especially interested in knowing the names of the artists and designers, English copy translations, and dates).

**when I asked her she didn't remember and the only answer was "pen pals." I'm not sure how this accounts for any of the stamps pre-1950s she accumulated.

Since I started this project I've developed a bit of a new hobby.
I recently started a small tumblr blog for vintage postage stamps:
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