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.sometimes the outtakes are the best little bits of life.

I was in a fantastic mood earlier.


We did some shopping, I bought some new running shoes that doubt, the ugliest shoes I've ever paid over $50 for.

What is with women's active shoes, now? They're fucking ugly.

Hot pink, neon orange...clashing bright colors....

Are we afraid of getting hit by cars now, we run so much that we're so damn skinny cars can't see us anymore so we need blindingly bright shoes??!!



Anyway. They're awesome. I mean...they fit awesome. They're ugly.


So, I came home, contorted my body into all kinds of poses that..well..were alright. But, then hated the outcome, I spent three hours editing..until I just now went outside and cried for 10 minutes.

I fucking cried.

I'm sick of hating everything I post. I almost quit. I seriously HATE almost everything I post.

So, fuck it.


Earlier today, while I was shooting, my husband came in...talked to me...laid down on the floor in front of me...and ...well.

Did this. ^^^


Hours later...hell...I'm posting it cos it's real. It's real!

Why not be real.


There we have it, people. First time ever genuine K smile. Candid. For reals, yo. ;-)

(I'd say normally the husband would sigh at this...but considering my mood the past couple hours, I think I might just get me a kiss...actually.)

the end.


Random Fact: As proof of my ridiculous ability to misuse wordage in public places and continually embarrass my husband; Today as I'm trying on dozens of running shoes and hating them all, I finally put on the ones I ended up buying.

"Oh...they touch me in all the right places!" (loudly...of course)


Yes. Not sure why he takes me anywhere, to be honest.

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Taken on January 29, 2012