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181.365 - .shutup and kiss it.


I was grumpy today. Can't really put my finger on it, there's just too many things and not enough fingers....


I realized at one point that I was clenching my jaw so vigorously that I was giving myself a headache. Ugh. Seriously, just one of them damn days.


I wanted to just tell everyone to kiss it. And kiss it hard.


I did meet one of my company's new VP's,(whom I did NOT want to tell to kiss it, incidentally.) promoted up just recently. I know a few of his fellow employees, though I'd never met him. Funny how as time goes on I almost enjoy meeting people in the company rather than despising it like I used to. I guess, probably because as time goes on, I like putting faces to the voices/names that I frequent so much more commonly in management.


Anyways. On a *happy* note, I'm off work until the 16th. A "stay-cation" seeing as how I'm not financially gifted enough to do anything. But. Gene is off with me starting Monday, so as it would go, just us being able to be together is vacation enough for me.


So there's something to drink to. haha. And drink I shall.......




TRF I haven't been myself lately. And I realize that it's because I'm never going to be the person I was before. Growth in life as always..............

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Taken on November 6, 2009