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116.365 ~ .we're all looking for something.

.have you found what you're looking for?




TOTW ~ drawn on.

I should scribble on myself more often. Makes for an easy sp. ;-)


Well. I had a long day, and it's sweaty and warm here in Yamhill County today. (blegh)

Hope everyone else is doing well, and I'm slowly working my way through all your streams.

Feels like everyone is finishing their 365's, btw. What's that I gonna be that loser that's still "doing" what no one else is "doing" anymore???

How typical. heh.



Random Fact du jour: I have a love/hate relationship with beer.

I love it, and I hate that it prevents me from being that size 3 that I would otherwise be.

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Taken on August 19, 2009